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How to Decide Between Countertop and Over-the-Range Microwaves

The microwave: It’s where we go to whip up popcorn for a family movie night, or to heat up leftovers on busy weekdays, or make hot chocolate on a rainy afternoon. When simplicity is your goal, your microwave is always there for you — so make sure you’re picking out the right one! Countertop and […]

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How to Clean Your Glass Cooktop

If you are a proud owner of an electric glass cooktop, then you probably already know how its sleek exterior can really make the kitchen stand out. Conversely, when it’s covered in stuck-on food and littered with burnt debris from previous meals you’ve cooked, it can just look plain unsanitary. So, how do you keep […]

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5 Delicious Meals to Make With Your Microwave

From extra work on your plate to soccer practice running late, some days, making a meal from scratch just isn’t in the cards. On days like that, your handy dandy microwave comes to the rescue! The plastic-wrapped TV dinners of the 50s and 60s may have given microwave meals a bad rap, but these days […]

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Induction vs. Electric – How to Make the Most Out Of Your Kitchen this Year

Whether you’re trying to cook more, eat healthier, or even go vegan (good luck with that one!) the way we eat and prepare food is almost always part of our hopes for the new year. So when you’re searching for ways to step up your cooking game in 2019, make sure you’re getting the most […]

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