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Join the Dark Side with Black Stainless Steel

When your kitchen looks the same year after year, it’s easy to get bored with it. What you need is some inspiration and that can easily start with a simple color change! No need to feel like all hope is lost when all you need is an appliance finish update! With bold black stainless steel name-brands from Lang’s Audio, TV & Appliance, your creative juices will be flowing once again!

Your resolutions don’t have to be about taking more hikes near Richmond Lake Campground or riding your bike to work so you’re polluting and driving less on U.S. Route 281. Getting organized in your home is the perfect goal. So, if you’re sick of stainless steel and looking to move to the dark side, what better time to get started than now at the beginning of the year? We’ll show you why this striking color finish is what you need to start your 2019 off right!

Black is the New Black

Black stainless steel is all the rage this year, no matter who you are. Whether you’re a struggling artist living in a loft downtown, or a well-off family living in a farmhouse on the outskirts of Aberdeen – black stainless steel fits into any lifestyle. It has the ability to blend in with other appliances that may or may not share its exterior color, and it can also stand out, adding a bit of soul to your kitchen.

With a Maytag black stainless steel fridge, for example, your kitchen will be turning all the heads of your guests. It’s a dramatic color, but don’t be afraid to embrace the dark trend! It’s not looking to leave any time soon.

Minus the Marks

If you’re tired of the smudges and scratches all your old appliances seem to get, you’ll be happy to know that black stainless steel repels fingerprints, water spots, and streaks. And, if your Bosch black stainless steel dishwasher happens to get a scratch, the chances of it being visible are very low. Now if your belt happens to nick the exterior of it when you’re closing the dishwasher door, it won’t ever be a problem again!

Having black stainless steel in your home is not only great for those who enjoy a clean kitchen, but it’s also great for those who are unable to keep a clean kitchen. If your busy lifestyle makes it hard to wipe down your black stainless steel appliance often, that’s ok! It will most likely still look on the like a million bucks. So, spend less time cleaning your appliances, and more time eating at The Brass Kettle or watching a movie at the AMC Classic. Life’s too short to be distracted with house-work all the time.

Getting a new appliance is an exciting adventure, and our sales associates Chris, Ray, or Greg on the floor look forward to helping you find the right one for you. If you are concerned or have questions about pricing, we are happy to assist! We even have special financing that’ll help you pay later so you can get the appliance you need now.

Visit us at our store in Aberdeen to start showstopping with your new black stainless steel appliances today!

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