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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a CNET Smart Home Concert ft. Flogging Molly

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You’ve probably heard a thing or two about how smart homes and smart technology are blowing up these days, but here’s something we bet you’ve never heard – a concert, live from a smart home.

To celebrate the great Irish holiday that is St. Patrick’s Day, we could think of nothing better than a concert from legendary Irish punks, Flogging Molly. Take a look below to watch them perform acoustically for you — not from a concert hall, but from the living room of a smart home. And you’ll have a front row seat from the comfort of your own couch!

You can check out more songs from the concert, as well as the full interview, over at CNET. It was all recorded in the Xfinity CNET Smart Home in San Francisco. You don’t have to buy a new home to enjoy the luxuries of a smart home, however – stop in today and we’ll help you find all the electronics, smart speakers, and TVs you could want!

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